Wiki Wiki - Hookipa Beach
Sand: Sandy beach with rocky shoreline. Dangerous surf and strong currents are usually present here all year round.
Waves: Waves are for experienced surfers only. Great windsurfing later in the day.
Wind: Strong winds likely.
Services and Amenities:Picnic facilities. Restrooms. Showers. No lifeguard.
Kid Friendly:This is not a good swimming beach. High winds, strong current, and no lifeguard.

Hookipa Beach

Hookipa Beach park is a world-renowned windsurfing spot with an impressive and dramatic surf. It has made itself into one of the top areas for ocean sports in all of Maui. Hookipa BeachIt has become a mecca for windsurfers and surfers alike. The strong winds and current make for some incredible waves that have crowned few, and dashed the hopes of many. It is lined by a beautiful white sand beach that boasts some of the best waves on the coastline.

There are multiple large events held at Ho’okipa Beach. The Red Bull surfing competitions and The Aloha Classic have both come to Hookipa with multiple sponsored riders.

Not only is it known for some of the best surfing in Maui, but has been called the windsurfing capital of the world. You can come to watch the windsurfers and kite surfers year round, even when the winter months bring in the larger waves. Many of the professional riders live nearby and use Hookipa as their training grounds, which always adds to the suspense as they tackle what most of us would balk at.


Hookipa Beach Activities

During the winter months under the right conditions when the surfs us and there’s a strong wing, then huge waves will form with their whitecaps beckoning for the fearless to chance it.They’ll crash into the shoreline with such force that you’ll be reminded about who really has the last say between you and nature.

The shoreline is rocky and the currents, waves and winds can be strong so if you’re going to visit Hookipa Beach understand that you should heed the warning signs. If you plan on kite, wind or regular surfing do not go here unless you are experienced and know how to handle yourself in stickly situation.

Activities on Hookipa Beach:

  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kite Surfing

Map to Hookipa Beach

Hookipa Beach


Windsurfing Photo Credit: Christopher.Michel
Waves Photo Credit: Aaron Najera